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VIM Power Armor Paint Job - Fallout 4: Far Harbor

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There are quite a few things in Far Harbor DLC for Fallout 4 regarding power armor. Even so, new paint jobs for strength armor were found. Its name is Vim paint job and you can get extra Strength bonus after painting each piece of your T-51 power armor. It looks interesting but this "skin" is just an advertisement of VIM lemonade. That is why you can find it in Vim Pop Factory.

You will find this Plant in the southwest of Far Harbor. You need to go quite far inland of this area. But if you find yourself on the south side of this island, you have gone much further.

Fallout 4: Far Harbor -  VIM Power Armor Paint Job

Turn left after you go to the front entrance of the building and move around this plant until you find the stairs. They will take you to the factory entrance. Go inside the building and take the stairs down to the room on the left (there's an ad on the big wall "You've got Vim! Quartz" on your right). In the room, you will be able to find power armor stations and T-51 energy armor. VIM Paint work has been applied to it. Interact with this room computer terminal and select the [Vim Paint Workflow Map] option if you want to unlock this paint job application for any of your energy suits. This option will be added to your repository permanently.

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