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The Following - How to Find Roast Blast Blueprint - Dying Light

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      Your enemies will call you the Fire God! (If they were giant nerds). Roast Blast: add strong fire effects to your attacks.

     Roast Blast is one of the new weapon upgrades in Dying Light: The Follow. It gives you a buff that causes your ax or hammer to cause lots of fire damage.
It has a great choice to play at night and it can light up groups with a few measured shots. The only way to get it is by fabricating, and assuming you need a blueprint. In this tutorial, we will show you how to get the Roast Blast blueprint in DL: The Follow.

    You can find this special fabrication scheme in a safe area north of Jasir Farm. You will see two long buildings when you get there. To the west is a barn - enter it and find a pile of orange boxes with warning signs on them. The schematic is in an envelope on one of the bins.

This special mod can be applied to these heavy and slow weapons:

  • Two-hand hammer
  • Pickaxe
  • Two-handed ax

To make it, you will have to collect a certain amount of manufacturing materials:

  • Metal parts x1
  • String x1
  • Household appliances x1
  • Sprayer x2
  • Antlers x2

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