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PS5 Delays may occur due to coronavirus outbreaks

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Who knows that a virus can be so bad that it affects not only the poor host's respiratory system but also the poor host's future gaming system.

As coronaviruses spread and infect more people every day, there is a constant chance that the production of electronics in China may be delayed to the point where the planned console releases have could be pushed back, leading to a change in the release date for new consumer electronics.

Sony and Microsoft both plan to release their new consoles, PS5 and Xbox Series X, later this year, but those plans could be ruined by coronavirus. According to Business Insider, investment firms have warned that new gaming consoles could be delayed from their initial Fall / Christmas release window if they can prevent the outbreak. An investment firm, Jeffries Group, warned that if production were to be delayed after only a month, the production of new consoles could be hindered and it could lead to stock delays or shortages.

Obviously that would be a less than ideal thing to happen, but really, the focus should really be on the continued spread of new viruses. People are dying. It's like putting things in perspective, right? So be warned: you may not play the new PS5 this Christmas, but a poor child somewhere else in the world may be missing parents this Christmas. Think about that before you whine on social media about not having a plastic box on time.

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