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Prison Heist: How to Speed Up Your Run - Dying Light

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The new Prison Mode is an unforgivable glove that is proven to be extremely difficult to overcome - at least until you know the tricks.

Before you begin ...

You will want to plan how you will take this course. Before we begin, I will issue a warning: If you are a new player, this level is not for you. Do you know giant scary things that have armor and throw ♥♥♥ at you? You have to kill three of them. If you don't have gun access and aren't at the maximum for everything that is not a driver or a legend, then you probably won't be able to get decent booties from this.

For single / multiplayer questions, multiplayer is definitely a good way, as it will give you exponentially more enduring power and far more offensive ability. However, this is not necessary to gain the highest rating, and thus, the best loot; My fastest solo time (normally, remember you) is five minutes twenty-nine seconds (when writing this article). My first gain was less than fourteen minutes, which put me in the second highest loot frame, still very good.

Your weapons and equipment have a problem. So many, so much. You should have at least one weapon of absolute average weight (bats and machete, not axes or knives) and two separate firearms. Equipment wise, you will need grappling hooks, two potions of robes and a flame. Night Vision boosters are great for dark areas, and speed boosters get you flying straight down, but might have trouble managing four items while trying to haul ♥♥♥.

You also need to decide what difficulty you will play on. Hard and nightmares are a lot, harder to beat, let alone achieve a good time on. In exchange for this, you can spend more time gaining loot and you have more time in the loot room. For example, you have to finish running under eight minutes on Normal to achieve the best booty, but you have twenty five minutes in Nightmare. In general, it is normal to learn maps and give players speed, while others are the normal game mode.

Finally, you will want a good memory of the level layout. Even when there are objective signs, it's an absolute maze to navigate the prison corridors, especially because there are some parts that deliberately deceive you and force you to search for other paths. . Also know that in all combat sections, only two of them are that you really need to destroy the enemy. I will tell you who they are later. Once you've done this (and have the skill locked), you'll be ready to start.

The beginning of the run

When you arrive at the prison, you will have a few seconds to get the bearings and go to the gate. You will want to equip your grappling hook. Double check your device (there is a player's stash when spawning) and make sure you are organized. If you want, you can cycle a quick potion just before you start, just to save time doing it during the run. When you are ready, open the port. Opening the port will start the timer and once it starts it cannot be stopped unless exiting the game. Use your grappling hook to compress up the hill, but don't use all its charge. Stairs on the hill lead to a plateau with boxes to cover. There will be a few guards armed with guns here, but they won't see you until you make your way between the second and third rows. Fighting them takes time and valuable ammunition, so you will ignore them. Zipline on top of the third row, then zipline directly to the door opening at the entrance (if the born guard is still there, he will move away as you approach). Use your cork button to drop from the zipline early to avoid hitting the wall, then sprint down the hall. Heal if you have to.

From there, you will be greeted by two groups of armed enemies; The first has five guards in the reception area, and the second has three in the rest room. You have to run through both rooms to make progress, and because of how stifling it is, you'll want to go ahead and kill these guards. Semi-automatic pistols work wonders for this part, but SMG and automatic rifles will work. In addition, if you have any combination of enhanced resistance, increased speed and upgraded legendary tree health, you can risk ignoring these enemies, since none of them block your way. However, doing this is most likely to get you killed, and dying is not the best way to move quickly. This only saves a few seconds anyway, so it's better to play safe. Then it's a quick trip down the corridor and into the first mandatory battle of the level.

Welcome to the Shooting Gallery

After meeting the first virus of the game (which you need to destroy in order to properly execute the sequel), you will be greeted with two doors on the right. Always, ALWAYS choose the nearest door, as doing so will not alert the enemy when opening and leading straight to the cover. The second door warns the enemy as soon as you open the door and has a bad cover. The doors lead into the same room, however, if you miss the first door, just go through the second one and work with what you have. When you enter the room, you'll find yourself part of ...

The only mandatory battle against mankind and the last human you will ever meet and also the last chance to scavenge rifles and also the first mandatory battle!

There is no real strategy for this part. Use the correct weapon and go into the center of the mass photo unless you are 100% sure that you can land. The police rifle is the best weapon for this part, and having a pistol to turn in in a pinch is not a bad idea. In general, you want to pick out everyone in the front area, then step up the rest of the warriors. Use your survivors' consciousness to highlight your enemies, especially when some of them start behind the doorways or obscure and it's hard to find another. Remember that some enemies will be on a higher path than you, and also remember that you can shoot through the floors of these paths, but not over the railing or covering the railing. Use the grappling hook to advance and skip the short parkour that you usually have to do to get to the exit. Note that the exit remains locked until all enemies in the room are dead; If it didn't open, you missed someone.

When you have gone through that room, you will want to reload (you can run and reload) and switch to your cloak potions. Believe me, you will need them.

A Thousand and One Virals (And a Goon)

Does your gown vial have ready? Great. Leaving the shooting gallery, you'll come across the first and second sections of the deliberately misleading sections. Assuming you know the maps, you'll know what to do to get past them, though I can give one advice: ignore the power box. By hugging the wall to the right and setting a good jump time, you won't be damaged. In addition, jumping from the right wall into the center will save you motivation, but it will cost you about 20 health, assuming you're on time. After two misleading bits, you will arrive in a dimly lit room, with a metal plate covering the exit. When near the exit, a goat will break the plate and smash the ground with his hammer. Make sure you are not stunned by this attack. Immediately descend to a cloak vial and sprint past the tumor. Now that the goiter and all the viruses pour out of walls that don't interest you, you can (quickly) lock the door open behind the goitre. Run as fast as you can for the lift, skip the bomber and switch to your grappling hook. When jumping through the elevator's hatch, turn 180 degrees and go straight to the open elevator door. Return to your cloak potions before going on to the next section and make sure you are ready, because the next is ...

Volatile hell

Yes. When entering the room, IMMEDIATELY leapt to the left. If necessary, jump over the doorway and strafe to the left (bombardment by holding W and rotating the mouse, your momentum will move to where you look as long as you do not look too hard into your vision). Usually, you will get under a cloak potion immediately, but volatile matter will see the cloak and will attack you regardless. Kite the volatiles by jumping over the virus first (you should be on the leftmost aisle) then drop down to the main floor about half the room. Remove a second vial of cloak, and drop a fire at the door to keep the volatiles away. Zaid's flares give you some additional breathing rooms, but they're not necessary. Open the emergency exit door as quickly as possible - you only have a small window. If you've managed this, then you can relax a little bit, because you've just done the hardest speed trick in this entire run.

But don't relax too much, because the next door you need to go is the last part of the misleading part. The electrical room is not too difficult, you can use your grappling hook although there is not much space and you have to wrestle at least once in the air due to the first corner. If you don't want to use a grappling hook, you can skip most of the room by jumping straight into the yellow pipe, schedule a jump to the podium in front of you, then make the final jump directly to the door Escape; It is perfectly timed that this last jump will even allow you to skip muscle gain animation. Perfect timing all hops will make it a little faster than using grappling hooks, even. Once again, skip the bomber, grapple over the lift shaft and get ready for the final part.

The last stand

You will come to a leap of faith leading to a pile of trash. Skip this. instead, bombarded directly to the left and rolled on landing; If you miss something hard to do, you will die. If you've done it, you'll be on the aisle. From here, you will be swept away by an absurd amount of virus and be attacked by three goats, one of which is a super goat with much higher health. Use your gun to take out a good chunk of the virus wave first, then focus on the goats, killing the viruses as they flood you. The thugs have the ability to take you down, especially if you are walking down the aisle. Considering the aisles giving you an advantage against viruses, you'll want to use them. Kill thugs and villains, but stay on the ground now and stand facing the brick wall that looks like it shouldn't be there. The super goon will break the wall, and as soon as he shoots as fast as possible in his head. You may need to reload at some point, or switch weapons. Once this goat is dead, clear the area around you and return to the path. From here, it's just a matter of choosing a zombie. You will gain your time and rank when you kill them all. If you have received the "Expert" rating, congratulations, because you have ranked in the highest loot frame! If you get "Master", you've turned it into the second highest, still pretty good. Do not start celebrating though, because there are still more strategies for loot room.

Loot Room (A.K.A.Test of Greed)

How can there be any strategy for room loot? That's a loot room, just loot everything, right? That's what I thought when I first tried it, and I created it with two electronics, three cannons and a saw blade. The loot room is filled with valuable items, and on the highest loot frame, you can even get gold weapons and gold weapon upgrades. The chase? Your time is limited, and you have to lock open chests to get good stuff. This is the second reason you really want to consider difficulties to play on. Normally, you would only have one minute in the room, while having nightmares, you would have three. Having three times the time to unlock to unlock the best booty is an absolute wonder, especially in the single player section.

Now, the whole loot room is really two different greedy tests. The first is the loot room layout; The first room was filled with lockers, lockers, artillery and ammunition. While it's not a bad idea to pick up your ammo, you should know what kind of ammo is where to get in and out quickly. The second room contains the actual booty, as well as the exit door. The second challenge of greed is the timer. You see, you only have a small window to get your things, too small to have them all. So the game is to see how close you can cut it. Each chest contains weapons and upgrades, the quality depends on the booty frame you have. The highest one contains Gold weapons and King upgrades, the second one contains orange weapons and purple upgrades, the worst frame contains gray weapons and no upgrades. It is difficult to have the best equipment in the game sitting there when you run away and given the job necessary to get there, you will be tempted to go beyond your limits. Be careful; If you run out of time, the door will seal and the room will explode. This immediately kills you, but even worse, it will remove all the booty you picked up that run. Sometimes it is best to cut your losses and save what you have.

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