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Full Guide to Content Drop #0 - Dying Light

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     This guide explores and fully explains the content of Content Drop # 0. How to get a Harran Military Rifle, How to find and kill new enemies, How to get a new "Hunt" outfit.

Goon mutants

     Goon mutants are a new enemy added by Content Drop. With the exception of cosmetic changes and health promotion, not many things make these different from what we know and love. They breed in the same place where normal goats will breed, more rarely. I have found 1/10 to be mutant. They dropped ~ 500 dollars and their heavy rebar.

Dying Light - Full Guide to Content Drop #0

Get the Harran military rifle [Free]

To get the Harran Military Rifle, you first need to have the DLC. You do this by "buying" Free Items on Gemly.com. The first thing you should see is the "featured" tab of the website. Wait a few seconds if Harran Military rif DLC does not appear immediately.

Now create an account or log in with your Techland account, add it to your cart and "buy" it.

You will now receive a product key. To activate it, press "+ ADD A GAME" in the lower left corner of your Steam window. In the popup menu, select "Activate product on Steam" If your code is correct, it will tell you what type of content it belongs to. Confirm and continue to your Steam Library.

Dying Light - Full Guide to Content Drop #0

Now ingame, all you need is a police rifle or military rifle, 6 metal parts as well as 3 rolls of tape. Design of the "Harran military rifle". This will slightly increase the stats as well as change its appearance into a refurbished military rifle. The gun will be brought from the rifle you have used.

Congrats, you've just got yourself an assault rifle with a weak skin and slightly improved stats.

Dying Light - Full Guide to Content Drop #0

(Note: The Gemly website is known to be quite buggy, sometimes leading to inability to log in or a random 404 error. I have no solution for these.)

Search and kill the soldiers / Get costumes

To obtain the "Hunt" Costume, you will have to hunt down and destroy the Soldiers. Each of them will have a request package about them when you rob them. You will need a total of 50 Request Packages. Find a Bounty-Dartboard and accept the Bounty "Know your enemies".

Receiving 50 packages will require something from 13 to 17 encounters. Assuming each meeting is 35 minutes together (the explanation for this comes later), this means that taking the outfit takes 7: 35h - 9: 55h. (Theoretically. Not counting sleep, clutter, traveling, fighting, all that stuff.) If you have 50 packs in stock, costumes will automatically be added to your trash.

Dying Light - Full Guide to Content Drop #0

Fun fact: The outfit closely resembles the outfit Tarkan is wearing, the Bandit leader from the "Gain credibility" mission from The Follow. Spot the difference.

The scarf will be one.

Dying Light - Full Guide to Content Drop #0

What follows is what we believe is key to finding them. This is based on personal experience as well as sounding rumors. I don't have much to prove this is true, but it is meaningful enough for me to rely on. If you find anything wrong or you know a better way to track them, please let us know, as we are always willing to change this guide for the better.

To find them, you first need to understand the meeting system itself. There are two types of encounters, the "random" type and the "venue" type. These are not official names, I just choose to call them that.

The venue encounters are people bound to a location, such as those of Rais looting supplies or Survivors fighting Goons or Demolishers.

Random encounters are more complicated. These include:

  • Storyteller (single NPC that talks about their story).
Dying Light - Full Guide to Content Drop #0

  • 2-5 men of Rais, plundering (does not provide drops.)
Dying Light - Full Guide to Content Drop #0

  • Zombie attack (Zombie single rodents one NPC role).
Dying Light - Full Guide to Content Drop #0

  • Hostage event, 3 or 4 soldiers kick a survivor.
Dying Light - Full Guide to Content Drop #0

Almost all of these random encounters are on the ground, in one of the upper floors or on the roof. It should also be noted that there are no human reproductive near zombie children (people screaming).

You can just skip "venue" meetings, which have nothing to do with what we need. Soldiers only replace hostage encounters, but how do you find (or trigger) a hostage encounter?

The theory is as follows: Every 5-10 minutes, a random encounter occurs. This is one of the above. After completing / failing this event or out of range, the timer resets. What you get now is a circle of sorts. This circle begins with a random encounter later, after a suitable amount of time has passed and your geographic attributes allow it, a new meeting is triggered. The order here seems to be random, but the circle seems to restart every 30 - 40 minutes (if you complete all the random encounters.) This means you will meet a narrator. Other things ~ 35 minutes after you encounter. You will meet another army after ~ 35 minutes, etc.

What hasn't been tested yet is how restarting the game affects this process.

Fun fact: Doing these meetings still counts toward your "Homo Homini Lupus Est" achievement!

The plan is, find one of these encounters and complete it. Then wander the Old Town to the next search. Stay on the roof and check the minimap as often as possible. Are you looking for 3-4 red arrows around a blue arrow. Track blue ping to events. Never mind location-based meetings, these will just waste your time.

Now, as you have noticed, this is mostly a waiting game. Find something to do or you'll lose your mind just looking for the next meeting, listening to similar stories hundreds of times.

If you start to find them, make sure to pack a lot of firepower. I would recommend an Assault rifle: these boys are very tough. About half of them have assault rifles, others use melee weapons and throw - just like Rais's men, really ...

Also, I highly recommend putting them in normal difficulty. The assault rifle has nothing to mess with, and with the offenders jumping out as soon as you make a noise, you'll risk your packages. Of course, if you want a challenge ... join !!

Also, as Efelli'M pointed out, electric arrows are a great way to get them out. They stun the party long enough to take out their gunner.

Furthermore, he reports that the gunner is a champion, meaning that if you take them out, one warrior will remain, one will try to escape - if you are not confident you can take back the spoils. from the last warrior (usually quite easy, but he can be hard to spot if you lose him in a swarm), shoot the melee soldiers before taking care of the gunner - however, you're at risk shot.

After encountering, go to sleep and start again the next day to continue with a steady rhythm. There are no random encounters at night.

Following, a map where I marked possible breeding sites for hostage encounters. You can bounce between them and check them out, make other encounters in the process. However, keep in mind that the rate of finding them by just jumping in and checking the troughs of these locations is extremely low.

Dying Light - Full Guide to Content Drop #0

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