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All Hidden Cappy Locations - Fallout 4: Nuka-World

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This tutorial will explain how to get it all the Hidden Cappy's in DLC Fallout 4: Nuka World for the quest: Cappy in a Haystack.

All Hidden Cappy Locations

Dry Rock Gulch - Cappy 1

Enter the Dry Rock Gulch through the main door, go to the living room, turn left towards the roller coaster. A little further, you will see a cemetery on your right. Cappy was first placed at the back of one of the graves on the left side of the tomb.

Dry Rock Gulch - Cappy 2

The hidden Cappy Hidden is placed inside the Mad Mulligan Minecart coaster. Enter the building and access the mine and continue walking until you come across a small building next to a small waterfall. Check outside this small building to find the second Cappy.

Kiddie Kingdom - Cappy 3

Enter the Funhouse and play through the entrance to the recording room. In front of you are a few doors, the third hidden Cappy is placed inside one of the rooms with red doors.

Kiddie Kingdom - Cappy 4

Head to King Cola's castle, before entering the castle, look around to find a tall tower. When you find it, enter and climb to the top. Cappy 4 will be at one of the walls at the top of the stairs.

Nuka Town USA - Cappy 5

As you stroll around the town of Nuka, head to the fountain opposite Mount Fizztop and turn left towards the building with 2 red dots on the roof. Just to the left of this building, you'll find Cappy No. 5.

World of Refreshment - Cappy 6

Enter the world of refreshment and keep walking until you reach the west. The Hidden Cappy is located on the side of one of the buildings in this area.

Galactic Zone - Cappy 7

Cappy's No. 7 is located at the center of the Nuka-World galaxy area, near Starport. Go left to the left of this building and you'll find Cappy hidden outside the door of the staff area.

Galactic Zone - Cappy 8

The next Cappy is on the left of Spacewalk, you will find Cappy n ° 8 next to the 2 red trash cans.

Safari Zone - Cappy 9

Go to Primal House but before entering it, turn right and enter Hedge, here you will find 9 Cappy.

Safari Zone - Cappy 10

Cappy is finally inside the labyrinth. From the beginning of the closing labyrinth, take one on the right then another on the right. You will find the last Cappy along a dead end wall.

Hidden Cappy Clue Locations Guide (Video)

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