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The Walking Dead SAINTS & SINNERS Gameplay Opening (Hotfix 2)

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Skydance Interactive released their VR exclusive zombie survival game The Walking Dead SAINTS & SINNERS. This is a neat and immersive experience that has seen a lot of positive reviews. However, not everyone is happy especially as the initial release didn’t have any crouch option. Well, today Skydance released a hotfix which partially addresses this. At least it shows they are listening to fans and keen to update as soon as they can. Bravo, because the game is pretty good. Take a look at The Walking Dead SAINTS & SINNERS gameplay video showing-off the opening moments.

Release notes for Hotfix #2 – The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners, CL 157393Handgun/Pistol angle adjustments and….. An Alpha version of Physical Crouching!
For everyone:
  • Handgun/Pistol angle adjustments, two-handed grips on one-handed firearms now stay level
…and for those who have demanded it:
  • An Alpha version of Physical Crouching!
This an early Work-in-Progress and there are definitely some flaws, but the early results are so promising we wanted to share it now. Also, we want to ask your help to make it better. So…
The feature is still in active development, and you’ll have to hack the INI to expose it.
Here’s how:
  • Open your GameUserSettings.ini file which in typical Windows 10 installs will be here:
    • NoteThe AppData folder may be hidden, but you can reveal it via Folder Options from your Start Menu
  • FInd the line that reads:
  • Right below that, insert the following: bPhysicalCrouchEnabled=True
  • Run the game, give it a whirl.
Some Caveats:
  • Start each play session by hitting ResetHMD/Pause from a comfortable standing position. If anything gets weird, do it again.
  • If you find you have to crouch too far or not far enough you can edit CrouchDistance=32.000 (found in the same file), to any number you find comfortable. Be sure to post any mods you make that make it feel better.
Known Flaws:
  • Sometimes pops a bit when entering a crawlspace. We’re already working on it.
  • You can find some bits of level geometry that pop you down when you crawl near them.

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