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Shadow of the Tomb Raider Gives Lara Another Really Bad Day

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The first trailer is out for Shadow of the Tomb Raider. We can tell you that there is no gameplay in the trailer, but it is thrilling. From being hunted, and later the hunter, in the jungle to stopping a human sacrifice, Lara must have a very long to do list.
Square Enix is calling Shadow of the Tomb Raider Lara’s “darkest hour” as she tries to stop a Maya apocalypse. (We thought that was in 2012, but maybe someone made an error in the calendar.) It certainly seems dark. Then again, it’s hard to have a lighthearted, old-time human sacrifice. We’re reasonably certain on that point.
This will be a very transformational game for Lara. The developers are promising that it will forge her legend and push her to what she needs to be, but what’s a forge without a little fire? Eidos Head, David Anfossi had this to say about what gamers can expect:

There you go. Consider tombs, and the raiding thereof, confirmed.
For fans who have watched Lara take on the cold, the death of her friends, and a very angry bear, will this be a happy tale about the apocalypse where friends save the world over a cup of tea? Yosuke Matsuda, President of Square Enix, put that idea (that literally no one thought was a possibility) to rest by saying, “Shadow of the Tomb Raider will take the series to new heights and Lara Croft to new depths”. That’s bad news for Lara, but good news for people who like action-packed games.

This new installment looks to not only find new ways of almost killing her, but it will explore who she will become. This should be an interesting theme. Over the past two games, she has gone from a reluctant hero to a capable and driven explorer. This is another step on her journey, and it could be the most critical.
Past Tomb Raider games have been excellent, and we have very high hopes for Shadow of the Tomb Raider. The Mayan civilization is an interesting backdrop, and we look forward to using one of the best bows in gaming when Shadow of the Tomb Raider releases on September 14th.

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