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The Ultimate Performance Guide for Enthusiasts & Modders - Fallout 4

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Do we need another performance guide? Not really. However. This is a performance guide for high-end games / PCs. Why not? It's simple. Fallout 4 and especially its engine have many annoying quirks that cause slower FPS, instability, stuttering, etc. In short. This is this kind of tutorial so I think it will be useful for enthusiasts and modulators.

Precombined Meshes - Fix Low FPS Inside Big Cities Like Boston

We all know that. We went for a walk in Boston, then, BOOM, FPS dropped to 30FPS and of course, at this exact moment we were caught by bandits and mutants. MEH. But why does this happen? Easily. The whole game was built with help, because Bethesda knew that the engine couldn't handle cities that big. This is why they created a system called pre-matching grids. This greatly improves performance in cities. The area around Bunker Hill usually has 30 to 40 frames per second for me, but after fixing this error, it was over 60. Bethesda used these pre-packaged grids by default, but they didn't. Optimized as possible and a lot of mods are breaking these grids, which can cause a terrible drop in FPS.

If you want more infos on how exactly this works and why we need it.

How to fix. So far the only fix is by installing a mod named Boston FPS Fix.

I personally recommend downloading this mod as one of the latest. I know LOOT always makes it one of the first things, but that way it rarely helps, especially for heavy mods. Many mods change combinations and break them, often without having to touch them. This mod will replace all previous modifications on the pre-combined grids. Now remember that this can theoretically break mods, I have never encountered this problem and have used maybe 200 mods at a time. I think it is safe to say that this is not the case. I also recommend using this additional paladinbaileyredrocket plugin. There is no reason not to do it and I never understand why it is not default in AiO.

There may be more options in the future than the Boston FPS patch. I have heard of some people who work to create matching meshes. The most efficient way possible with the support of mods, etc. Maybe once.

Use Load Accelerator - For HYPER Fast Loading Screens!

We all know that. We quickly went to one place and this is ... A completely boring loading screen usually takes 30 to 60 seconds. And this all the time. The boy is me ♥♥♥ after a while. I cannot stand this anymore. And I have fast hardware and SSD. The reason for slow loading screens like hell is once again the engine. It uses vsync all the time to limit the game to 60FPS, because without it, you'll have all sorts of problems. Unfortunately, this also applies in the loading screen and can make the screen load 5 to 10 times longer. My average loading screen is now 5-10 seconds. They were 30 years old or older.

How to install. Download the mod here.

Simply move the DLL + ini to the directory containing your Fallout4.exe. It is one of the very few mods that does not work like a traditional mod, but more than a rendering plugin for exe. It disables the FPS limit inside the loading screen.

Reduce fDirShadowDistance - Better FPS in Some Areas Inside Boston (Financial District)

I know what it sounds like. Reduce the settings for better FPS ... There is a good reason why I am telling you this. The FO4 engine cannot handle the amount of shading inside some parts of Boston. We are really talking about an engine bottleneck, not a hardware problem. Even a Nasa PC can't help here. FDirShadowDistance manages shadows by large and complex objects. In the financial district, it is the worst and usually causes less than 30 frames per second. You can try it yourself if you don't believe me. I had 60+ FPS then.

Solution: now what we do is change a single line. You can leave the ball gap on the pole in the Fallout launcher. But remember that you need to do this all the time if you use the Fallout launcher again.

Open fallout4prefs.ini and find a line named "fDirShadowDistance". And change the value after "=" to 3000. That's it. Then you will see a big increase in some areas of Boston because the engine is no longer the bottleneck.

Ini is usually located in the document - game area, but may also be elsewhere if you are using Mod Organizer and profile. I bet you will find it or know where it is.

Disable Weapon Debris PhysX - Fix Weird 1FPS Drops

Now I know for sure that not everyone suffers from it. My old GPU 970 never had a problem installing Weapon Debris from Nvidia. But on my 1070Ti, this sometimes causes very strange FPS drops. We are talking about 1-3FPS. I'm not even kidding here. The trigger seems to be a few particles in this particular PhysX Debris PhysX installation. Grenades or punches against the wall (yes, really ...) often cause me this problem. After dropping the FPS, I usually have to reload the previous security or reload the game but sometimes it disappears after a few seconds. Typically, this means that my GPU usage immediately goes to 100% until these FPS issues are resolved. I have found people who describe similar problems quite often, but there is hardly anyone to solve them. I hope this could be your solution to this strange problem.

I don't know if all of these 1FPS drops are due to the same problem. You may endure something similar, but that doesn't help. If you know of other solutions for such problems, please leave a note for me and others as this problem does not seem to be common and many people cannot solve it. I watched some videos on it on YouTube after the game was released, and I don't even know if this setting is already in the game. Because there was an update at some point that added Nvidia settings to the game.

Don't Use Ultra Godrays - For Pre GTX 1000er Series GPUs

Our time is no different when you are in this situation. Immediately for people with 970+.

Install Ultra Godrays while installing FPS instantly My 1070Ti Rest. Pajamas and furniture, accessories, accessories, shapes and shapes You can do this in the Fallout launcher.

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