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Parkour Fever Tips and Tricks - Dying Light

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       Here are a few tips and tricks to make Parkour Fever's challenges so much easier.

Not too obvious

     Hopefully you know this right now, but if not, the Parkour Fever challenges are represented on the map with the symbols of a boot with three stars down there. Anyone who notices will notice that despite a total of 10 challenges, only nine of them appear on the map. 5 appear in slums, but only 4 appear in Old Town. One that does not appear is clearly labeled as "Unknown". This is a short video about where to find it.

Slide the speed

This is pretty simple, but that's something I've missed for a while. Do you know the speed increases you get in challenges, who have the boot icon displayed in the top left corner? Speed ​​increases can mean the difference between winning and losing. Sometimes you may find it difficult to maintain these gains and find yourself to be empty, and without a chance to win. Yes, I have good news for you. For those of you who don't know, you gain these enhancements by doing anything that usually gives you agility points. If you take that into account, there's an incredibly easy way to sustain that increase ...

To slide.

That's it. Literally, all you have to do is slip all the time (before running out) and you're okay. Also, to actually shave a few seconds, jump as soon as you slip to keep running without delay. This is a game changer, especially for some of the slum challenges.

Limit of the sky

This is something that only works on laggy computers, so if your computer runs fine, skip this part.

By now, you may have noticed that playing ziplines causes your game's FPS to drop a bit. There is a simple solution for this. While on the zipline, look at the sky the whole time until you turn it off. The difference this strategy makes is UNLIMITED. In addition, it works in sluggish areas of slums, especially streets and bridges with zombies and fire. Unfortunately, this tactic requires you to look up into the sky and only use your mini map for instructions, but it works very well if you can pull it off. Just remember to keep dancing so you can't be captured by zombies.

One more thing, if you really struggle to make the game run well, set all your video settings to the lowest option. Believe it or not, this really doesn't affect the image quality much. Even reducing the actual viewing distance doesn't affect the image, and your frame rate will increase exponentially (anyway). Turning off FOV also helps.


Here are some instructional videos for each challenge.

I was not the original uploader. Credit for that belongs to Gary Nicholson. Please look up his YouTube channel if these videos don't download for some reason (including videos about where "Not too obvious" found).


#1 - End of the Tunnel

#2 - First Assignment

#3  Favela Fever

#4 - Twister

#5 - Tiptoeing to Gazi

Old Town

#6 - Tower Run

#7 - Diagonal Run

#8 - On the Edge

#9 - Blue District Fever

#10 - Not So Obvious


First and foremost, don't be sad if you continue to fail with these challenges. They are extremely difficult and require an almost perfect run. You will not receive it the first time. This requires a lot of practice and the only way you will complete these challenges is if you hold an early level. Believe me, I understand how these things can be frustrating. Some of them took me DAY to complete. In the end, it was all worth it.

Secondly, I really recommend you to promote your agility. If you do not, then these challenges will most likely not be completed.

Third, while you can grab both by just doing these challenges at night, I strongly recommend doing it during the day so you know what you're doing when night falls. . After getting a good idea of what you have to do, feel free to try only challenges at night. It is a time saver, that's for sure.

Fourth, do not feel like wanting to take on challenges at night. Volatile matter makes almost no difference. Most of the time they are barely noticeable.

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