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New PUBG patch directly on PC - Everything you need to know about Update 6.2, Team Deathmatch Mode N4G

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Team deathmatch is the highlight, but the 6.2 update brought many changes.

    The latest major update for PlayerUn Unknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) is now available on PC and will soon be ported to the Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game. The main highlight of this patch is the new team deathmatch mode, which allows for eight-on-eight gun battles in seven of the seven different arenas taken from the game's map. The mode, which was added as part of the sixth season of the game, is available via the Arcade menu.

Winning in a round is decided when a team reaches 50 points dead, or the team with the most dead points after 10 minutes, and a team needs to win two of the three rounds to win the final. Players can revive and earn points for both kill and support, which can then be used to restore health if you go for five seconds without taking damage. No kills or friendly fire.

Changes were also made to the grenade, with patch notes noting the differences between all different types. This is what to expect.

Frag Grenades

  • Vests now mitigate damage received from Frag Grenades, but vest durability isn’t reduced when taking damage from Frags.
    • Damage mitigation amount is dependent on the level of vest worn by the player, with the same % reduction as for bullet damage.
  • Frags will deal 20% less damage to prone players.
  • Item weight increased by 50%.
    • Each Frag Grenade now takes 27 inventory capacity, up from 18.
  • Pulling the pin of a Frag is now louder and audible from further away.

Smoke Grenades

  • Decreased fuse time from 3 seconds to 1 second.

Stun Grenades

  • Increased indirect hit effect radius
    • Up to 6.5m, from 5.5m.
  • Ringing sound now impacts players through walls
    • This matches the Frag Grenade mechanic, although the impact effects a smaller radius.
  • Added slight camera shake to players near the explosion.
  • Default fuse time mechanic:
    • Stuns now explode 0.7 sec after first impact, or after fuse timer runs out, whichever comes first.
    • Fuse time without cooking has been increased to 5 sec.
      • 2.5 second fuse timer when cooking the stun remains unchanged.

Molotov Cocktail

  • Increase fire spread rate to 50%.
  • Fire can now spread a bit more, with the radius of damage increased.
  • Change the way fire spreads around objects. Fire will now be more continuous to the back of objects (especially thin objects like trees).
  • Reintroduces direct damage while standing in fire, in addition to existing damage over time.
  • Players in flames now take 10 additional damage per second
  • The fire is now higher and should be hindered by small objects.
Many changes have also been made to the Karakin map, mainly based on observing how players collect loot. Here are the changes:
  • G36C and MP5K have been added to Karakin
  • The rate of reproduction of First Aid Kits and Enhanced Items has been increased
  • The ice's reproduction rate has decreased
  • The reproduction rates of DMR, SR and Win94 on Karakin have decreased
  • Speed up the care pack plane to move faster on the island
Interesting changes have also come to the blue area, which no longer has a distortion effect, but has a brighter light on the bottom to better show the edges. This is a before and after comparison.
No Caption Provided
There's also a new parachute tracking feature, so you can choose teammates and make sure you land together. This will lead to less separation in the initial frenzy.
A lot of other minor adjustments have also been made in addition to these highlights - for more, take a look at the full patch notes.
PUBG continues to become giant in the context of more competition in the battle royale genre; Mobile version, in particular, is very popular. Brendan Greene, PlayerUn Unknown, is working on a new game called Prologue, and it's completely not a shooter.

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