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How to Quickly Level Up Survivor and Legend Level (Legitimatley) - Dying Light

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     This is a brief guide on how to quickly level up survivors and legendary levels if you're struggling to increase them. Everything in this guide does not contain crashes or any modifications to game base files or save. This guide is aimed at all Dying Light survivors, regardless of your skills in the game and is designed to make your experience more interesting if you have difficulty raising levels.

What is this about?

     The main purpose of this guide is to provide a way to increase your level of survival and legend without cheating in any form, shape or form.

      For those who don't know, the Legendary skill tree is unlocked when a skill tree has reached the maximum level. There are 250 levels for Legend and 25 for Survivor. Your Survivor points are converted into Legend points after you complete your survivor skill tree.

Dying Light - How to Quickly Level Up Survivor and Legend Level (Legitimatley)

What we will do?

The basic gist of the technique is to collect D.R.O.Ps in certain quarantine areas. One of my personal favorites (and the one I believe is most effective) is Stuffed animals, the quarantine area next to the antenna tower and gas stations. You will encounter it in the "Pact with Rais" quest. However, if you do not know the location, here is the image below that determines its exact location.

Dying Light - How to Quickly Level Up Survivor and Legend Level (Legitimatley)

Before we think about raising D.R.O.P, we need to know a few things about stuffed turtles before we enter:

  • The floor is electrified and has loose wires hanging from the ceiling. Make sure you use the platform when moving on.
  • There are a large number of enemies in a locked room. If you cannot fight them because you are too weak, don't entice them and just pull them out. The floor is flooded with water so don't throw firecrackers there. Instead, throw them on wooden pallets or shelves.
  • There is usually a surprise bomber waiting around the corner outside the locked door. Pay attention to that.
  • Your game difficulty affects how well you receive rewards. Normal is recommended if you are new to the game and just want to increase the level of survival. Hard for those who are quite good in the game and suitable for both Survivor and Legend. Nightmare is only for people who are proficient in Dying Light and want to increase Legend faster.

Once you know this, you should go.


When you enter, you have two ways for your looting session to take place:

Quick way but you get less in once
The path is longer but you get more in one go

I will explain each one and how to do it most effectively.

Option #1

As mentioned before, this is faster to do and you can get more looting sessions in accordance with the 10 minute frame when compared to option 2.

In Stuffed Turtle, there are 5 total D.R.O.Ps. Three of them are in the main room in front of the locked door. You can quickly steal these three and rush out. However, there are dangers and I've outlined a roadmap that makes you less likely to receive any damage when powered off. Once completed, you can safely browse the store when receiving D.R.O.Ps.

Option #2

Instead of just getting three D.R.O.Ps, we'll chase them all. This requires a bit more skill than before and I only recommend doing this if you are well equipped and quite good in the game. This method may be more effective the first time, but this depends on your skills as a survivor. If you can unlock the door and get the remaining two D.R.O.Ps quickly, then this method will prove to be better in the long run. Doing this option also gives you extra surviving points at the end.


After you have finished farming, go to your nearest minister and provide them with supplies. You will be awarded a handomley for your efforts, although the points you receive vary depending on the difficulty when you play the game. Just keep gargling and repeating and eventually, you'll reach the Legend Level 250 immediately.

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