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How to Fix the Extra Health Visual Glitch - Dying Light

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     Some of my friends have unfortunately damaged their saved files, which gives them an extra health bar, it seems their health is extended by more than 100%, which can be suspicious. For those who don't know that it's just a visual malfunction and it doesn't affect actual health in any way, so they can assume this person is cheating.

     The bad thing about this hiccup is that it can ruin your reputation by making other people suspect or even an idea that you're cheating. If you don't want this to happen, I'm sharing the method I used to help my friends fix the problem.

     Ok to begin, first make sure you don't have any buffs like Medkit is healing in Hard / Nightmare mode.

  • Legendary skill tree
  • Have your friend kill you with Super Molotov.
  • Switch to your Legendary skill tree and add a point to Health.
  • Legend
  • Add a point in Health again.
  • Now have your friend revive you and see if the problem persists.

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