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Farming Herbs / Easy Medkits (Natural Medkit) - Dying Light

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      In this tutorial, I will show you the best and fastest way to grow herbs, as well as how to mediate alternating Medkits by putting Natural Medkit to the best use with this Herb farming method.

In brief

In this tutorial, you will learn how to grow herbs in the fastest and best way.

You will be able to collect about 25 Herbs before you have to reset the area to revive Herbs. Regional resets can be done by taking a certain distance from the spawning spot of Herbal, this is shown in the video below.

About Medkits. There is a blueprint called Natural Medkit that allows you to create 1 Medkit from 3 herbs, 2 Medkits if you have the Crafting Expertise skill from the Survivor skill tree, this skill can be achieved at level 5 Survivor.

This means that for every third Herb you take, you can create two Medkits from it by crafting Natural Medkit once.

Get the natural Medkit blueprint

First, see if you already have a blueprint, if you already have a blueprint, skip this section. If you haven't, then follow the instructions below.

Dying Light - Farming Herbs / Easy Medkits (Natural Medkit)

The screenshot shows where the Fisherman Village is located, just below the notorious bridge, as well as the building where you will find the blueprint. Video below

Farm Herbs / Crafting Natural Medkit

This is the birthplace of Herbs.

Dying Light - Farming Herbs / Easy Medkits (Natural Medkit)

In the video above, I used Bozak Horde to remove all my inventory, leaving me struggling. Just to show you exactly how many herbs I have picked up, how long it took and how many Medkits I have created during that time.

Necessary equipment

Basically, all you need is a simple Medkit blueprint and perhaps a Crafting Expertise skill, as well as a grappling hook will be helpful as it will help you move faster but don't need it. set.


It took me about 2 minutes to get 30 Medkits.


Perhaps the most ideal place to revive Herbal Medicine is by visiting this location at 0:57 seconds.

Where you can also get some Flourescent Shroom.

You may be overwhelmed by some Viral when you have a higher difficulty. Normal difficulty may be the best if you are not ready for such a challenge. You can change the difficulty anytime you want from the Main Menu> Play> Campaigns> Save> Advanced, there is no quarantine area based on Bozak Horde or DLC monitored when mission options or difficulty Towel will not appear. You should not lower the difficulty level if you encounter difficulty Rewards.

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