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Complete Achievements - Fallout 4: Nuka-World

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The Achievements

Here is a list of the achievements available in the Fallout 4: Nuka World DLC.

  • Raiding for a Living 
  • Diebrarian 
  • Beverageer 
  • Hostile Takeover 
  • All Sugared Up 
  • Eyes on the Prize 
  • Taken for a Ride 
  • The Grand Tour 
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Power Play

Quest related Achievements

NOTE: It is very important that if you want to complete 100%, you should not accept the "Open Season" task after the "Ride" task as this will prevent you from performing 3 other main tasks related to DLC. "Open season" may end when you have completed the main quest line. I have listed these achievements in chronological order (the exact order you will / should receive. Because these are story missions, vandals of course are present, reading at your disposal.

Taken for a ride

This is a very easy and unacceptable achievement, as it is the first mission involving the world of Nuka where you are responsible for "managing the glove" and defeating the current Overboss. Once you defeat the Overboss and leave the Gauntlet area, you will receive a reward.

The Grand tour

(This is the longest mission in DLC) After leaving the Gauntlet shortly after, Gage will talk to you and encourage you to occupy the gang territory for 3 gangs. Regardless of the area you allocate to a gang, success will always be unlocked. To gain a place (one of the theme parks), you have to enter where you will get another mission group that allows you to clean up / clean up the territory of the gang. Once completed, the option to set a gang flag will capture an area. Don't forget to get tributes after every location!

Home sweet home!

This task requires the process of setting up 4 outposts in the Commonwealth, which is an interesting process. After completing "The Grand Tour", Gage will recommend talking to Shank, who will distribute these settlements to resume missions. Be careful when you carry out these missions which will make Preston Garvey and the service personnel hostile towards you, unfortunately, the guys of Preston Garvey still cannot be killed ... By capturing 8 or more outposts You can access Perkord Level 3, which allows more options such as the option to create a sewer. Note: You cannot attack colonies with a companion or a character associated with the quest!

Power play

After the "Sweet House", according to the gang that receives the least amount of territory, this gang as well as the slave will cause a riot, which means a beautiful shooting in Nuka Town USA. Don't worry because there are 3 gangs, this creates a 2v1 situation, not 1v1v1. The final main task involves the weakest gang to take over the power plant. After that, you must kill the gang leader and activate the power in Nuka World. Be sure to return to the locked areas to find more booty and secrets!

Raiding for a living!

This mission allows you to complete 12 missions for any Nuka-World raid gang. These important missions are those that involve protecting / stealing a weapon or simply kidnapping someone with a shocking collar. They do not take more than 10 minutes each time and some are very interesting. Talk to any leader and say you will help them. These missions can be completed after "Power play" or any other part of the DLC, but they cannot be completed if you complete the "Open Season" quest.


This mission involved the collection process of 5 SCAV magazines located around Nuka World. Like standard magazines, they also offer special bonuses. This is a video that shows you the location of all magazines.


In DLC, 20 NEW flavors of Nuka Cola have been introduced with certain other drugs. This achievement requires you to create everything! I highly recommend doing this after exploring most of the Nuka world as you will be collecting most of the recipes found in the books as well as most of the necessary ingredients. We do NOT recommend eliminating or selling NO Nuka Cola. To make them, you need to use a brewery station that can be created in the workshop or you can find them on almost any subject. Overlooking an open area with seating and blocks as these are the "mixing centers" found in the park. They are hard to miss but you can get lost very easily!

I personally went through each method to make it methodical, so I knew I couldn't miss one. If you think you have created everything, but still have not achieved it; retries

This video shows you all the cookbooks that are placed. You start with 5 flavors and simply ask to find the remaining 15, which means a total of 20!

Hostile Takeover

This achievement requires you to have more than 8 colonies in the Commonwealth. It is worth it when you unlock a chest in a workshop.

After finishing the "sweet home", you have the opportunity to talk to Shank and get a different job. From there, you can choose the rule you want to capture as well as the gang that will control it. You can use force to capture (kill everyone, this is quite interesting - "Remember, no Russian") OR you can do it peacefully with the threat of broadcasting Local raid members (Built in OR you can have the option of paying the leader or taking the HARD speech test.

Once you have cleared the outpost, you will need to build a gang flag that will conquer the supported target.

For the "sweet home" mission, this forces you to make 3 to progress, so there are still 5 minimums needed to achieve.

Note: This quest cannot be completed if the "Open Season" quest has completed earlier

All sugared up

This mission forces you to destroy 40 NUKA WORLD CREATOUND from any nuka cola drink. This section will explain how to do it and what I recommend.

First of all, it is important to know that only killing more new creatures, such as:

  • Flying ants
  • Soldiers ants 
  • GatorClaws
  • Crickets
  • Rad Rats
  • Nukalurks

DO NOT looting or people.

It is also important to know which Nuka cola should be taken. I personally drank Nuka Cola with shipping weight of +25 like Nuka Void or those with significant strength like Nuka-Sunrise that bring +150 HP. The reason for these powerful craft drinks rather than a standard quantum of Nuka cola is because their effect lasts for MINUTES rather than SEC, meaning you can kill more over time. .

Once you have a Nuka Cola if you look at the lower right corner of the screen, DO have a pill picture showing you are under the influence of a nuka cola. Uncertain? Go to STAT >> Status >> Press Q will show you all the effects that your character is below.

Now, where to kill, I recommend killing GatorClaws in a safari adventure because there are about 20 of them. Then go to the dry rocky ravine, where about 20 other bloodworms are found. Make sure you are still under effect when you kill.

If you are in a situation where I am in close proximity to all locations that have been deleted, you can still refer to the control panel prompt as it does not block the achievement. You can appear in blood worms, which I did and I have literally succeeded within 3 minutes of starting it.

Use the command here: Player.placeatme XX0201ef 1 (Enter the amount you want may be greater than 1 at a time.) XX will vary depending on your game mod download. Since I have all 6 DLC, it would be 06 for me because that's the download of the game.

Eyes on the prize!

Certainly the most difficult achievement if you want to do it legally. This includes the purchase of 100,000 Nuka Cade tickets from Nuka Cade in the city of Nuka USA.

Inside there are many games you can play and win up to 1250 tickets per game. If you do math, you have to play 80 perfect games. However, scrolls can be found in Nuka World.

To play, you must obtain a Nuka Cade token which can be found or purchased.

In my opinion, the best way to make money is basketball with unwanted games.

You are not playing arcade games properly, there are no rules in the Commonwealth unless you start slaughtering a big city or getting robbed.

You download your throw with basketball balls so that you can make them in the workshop. You put trash on the basketball hoop and you just spam!

Do not forget to collect your tickets at the end as well as exchange them in the winning machine to gain success!

However, if you are really bored and say "I give up". You can do the following with our best friend, the console command prompt.

Player.additem XX019988 1 (Or the amount you want) XX will vary depending on the download of your game mod. Since I have all 6 DLCs, it would be 06 for me because it is the game download.

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